The Mission

‘MY MOYA aims to Restore, Renew, and Reinvent the ancient Chinese tea movement – bringing health and vitality in every cup of MY MOYA tea to every household around the world.’

RESTORE: the values, wisdom and tradition of Chinese Tea – emphasizing the importance and various health properties. Through understanding, the world can understand how tea should be opposed to how it is today, restoring balance in what tea should be. 

RENEW: the spark and interest for tea throughout the world. As the 2nd most drank beverage in the world (falling behind water) – MY MOYA aims to renew the Tea Movement. By showing the world that tea is one of the world’s most versatile beverages is just a start. To ‘Renew’ a Tea Movement consists of several moving pieces, but shall begin as a tasty health movement, in each cup of MY MOYA tea.

REINVENT:  what tea time means to the world. MY MOYA offers various fresh, natural and organic tea leaves and tea brewing ingredients. This will include suggestions, and different recipe ideas, with NO PRE SET TEABAGS. Later MY MOYA will branch off into everything tea, and convenience. Providing different methods of how to mix, match, carry and savor your tea as you wish. Make any time, and anywhere tea time with My Moya.