Tara is one of the few people you can meet in a life time that carries her own atmosphere around her. Either in a smile, idea or a laugh, there is something about her that magnifies hope, ambition and a positive energy to anything she touches.

With an artistic eye, and a compassionate heart, the world around her is happy, beautiful and brimming with possibilities and potential. This attribute is a much needed asset to have in any structure, both in business and otherwise.

Once Tara sets her mind on something, it is going to get perfected under her artistic eye. Living in South China for upwards to about 4 years now, Tara has graduated from one of the top universities in China, learned the language and absorbed the culture.

With her graduating thesis on Chinese tea and its flow and influence into mainstream France, she found the light. Being in China has brought her to the doorsteps of the ancient powers and cultures found in the ancient Chinese tea and its ceremonies.

This allows Tara to bring together her resources, experiences along with her cultural advantages to the MY MOYA project.