Worlds Top 10 Tea Loving Countries

Hello out there. If you don’t know by now, I am a HUUUUUGE tea lover, and everybody involved with My Moya can say the same =).

Now that I got that out there, I just need to say it again, that tea is the 2nd most drank beverage in the world right behind water. When people ask me why I can almost always be found with a bottle of fresh tea with me, I’m finding myself telling people how water is the only thing better than tea (usually in a joking manner). That had me thinking – ‘if tea is really that popular around the world, then which countries actually drink the most?’

Before looking into it, I thought it would be a safe guess that China would be on the top of the list considering it is the birthplace of tea. After that I placed a wild guess on England being 2nd, or at least close to the top. I was surprised to see that China doesn’t even rank in the top 10, let alone the top 20 list. China is actually ranked 32nd.

Apparently the top list of countries consuming tea is measured by the annual per capita consumption for tea. Per capita is Latin for “by head,” basically meaning ‘average per person’. So that would mean the average number per person in the country.

This top 10 list actually has a tie for the 3rd place spot, and comes from a list of about 156 countries. This information is based from the end of 2014. The style of tea is measured separately from something called ‘Mate’ tea which is a style of tea that is usually drank with a long metal straw, more about that later. So let’s see if your country made the top 10 tea list. Good luck =)

Rank        Country                        Tea Consumption (per person)
1st             Turkey                              7.54 kg (266 Oz)
2nd            Morocco                           4.34 kg (153 Oz)
3rd             Ireland                             3.22 kg (114 Oz)
3rd             Mauritania                        3.22 kg (114 Oz)
4th             United Kingdom                2.74 kg (97 Oz)
5th             Seychelles                        2.08 kg (73 Oz)
6th             United Arab Emirates        1.89 kg (67 Oz)
7th             Kuwait                              1.61 kg (57 Oz)
8th             Qatar                               1.60 kg (56 Oz)
9th             Kazakhstan                       1.54 kg (54 Oz)
10th            Malta                               1.45 kg (57 Oz)