Tea as Art?

I’ve been told to be a free spirit, and often found with a smile on my face. Maybe it’s this reason that allows me to see the world as it should be instead of how it’s actually seen. My journey has brought me to the magic forces and energies China has to offer… and of course I can’t forget the lovely Chinese Tea =).  

Tea has been popular in China for more than a thousand years. Now, it is considered as being the world's most popular drink after water. During the past few decades, teashops have opened their doors in major cities all over the world and the habit of drinking Chinese tea has become more and more popular. Most people drink tea because of its health benefits but more frequently people are beginning to drink it just for the pleasure of it.

Drinking tea can have a much deeper meaning than a hot healthy beverage. After being in China for years now, I’ve learned that drinking tea is more of an art, with a very long history (I’ll get into the history of it another time). A small piece of what I’ve taken from my tea experience in China is this:

‘Just like any other art, tea can’t be rushed. It needs to seep and run its course into becoming the tasteful art it should be. As all things in life worth treasuring, enjoy it in the moment as it should be.’

There are cultures and ceremonies in China revolving around tea, really making you slow down to soak it in. Experiencing it is really amazing, and in time I will discuss much more about why tea is so amazing.

This isn’t just an opinion of mine, there is a long proven history behind it as well. I won’t go into it now, but did you know that when tea was first discovered way-back-when it was actually introduced as a medicine? More about that later.

Just think about the so many different ways we can mix and match juice or other drinks. If you didn't already know, you can mix teas in so many different ways and flavors. More about that later too.

Until next time, look at your tea like an art form...that just so happens to taste awesome. ;)

Cheers everybody. (I’m saluting with a cup of tea right now by the way)