The Vision

To bring to the world the health and powers of Ancient Chinese Tea –changing the world with love, passion and magic for the better… a cup of tea at a time.

MY MOYA at its core, values the vision that ‘tea should be natural, organic, healthy and pure – and how you want it.’ MY MOYA offers you the ability to create your own tea, brewed to your desired taste; capturing the full value of the many hidden health properties found in tea.

Ultimately, MY MOYA will bring the magical health properties of ancient Chinese tea, infused with the modern demand of a fast paced life, anywhere with you in a convenient and custom manner. MY MOYA strives to bringing the ancient magic of traditional Chinese Tea with all of its values to the world.

The concept will begin by offering pre-boxed assortments of specific tea leaves along with additional ingredients in each box to complement the flavor and health properties of the tea leaves. Depending on the specific box selected, ingredients can range from items such as cinnamon, mint, red dates, ginger, walnuts and shells and much more interesting ingredients! ( We bet you never knew they could be brewed in your Tea!)

In time, MY MOYA will later offer all things associated with traditional Chinese tea – catered with the everyday hustle and bustle of everyday life. Such as various travel size tea bottles with different characteristics to truly meet your individual needs and tea demands.